Lisa Hayes-Minney

Lisa Hayes-Minney
Portrait by Tamara Hough

Lisa Minney is a mindset and creativity coach, writer, teacher, and publisher. Lisa launched Stumptown Publishing, LLC, in 2007, and earned her MFA in Creative Writing in 2015. She was the editor and publisher of Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine for 10 years and has degrees in English, Journalism, and Liberal Arts. Lisa also has a large collection of books and certificates relating to online education, hypnotherapy, NLP, learning methods, as well as mindset, writing, and creativity coaching.

In 2020, while serving as director of her local public library, Lisa began seeking her own path again. In 2022, she incorporated her experiences and training and expanded Stumptown Publishing to serve the needs of creatives and others who are having challenges flourishing fully and enjoying all the benefits of their inherent potential. Although Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine is no longer in production, Lisa has converted the foundational concepts into a mentality and a mindset.

Lisa’s creative work has appeared in Entropy MagazineGreenPrints MagazineMemoir Magazine, The Hur HeraldThe Charleston AnvilDoveTales Magazine, and other publications. Lisa’s work also appears in “Mountains Upon Mountains: New Appalachian Nature Writing,” and “Feminine Rising: Voices of Power & Invisibility.”

Lisa Hayes-Minney
Photo by David Flores

Lisa collects manual typewriters, sees porch sitting as a viable hobby, and yoga and music as necessities. She is a dedicated pen pal, she keeps secrets, and believes an Epsom salt bath is good for the body, mind, and soul. She enjoys movies that wrench your heart, driving with the windows down, chocolate milk, and research.

Lisa lives with her husband, and beloved pets on Memory Lane in central Appalachia, and has been writing for the West Virginia audience for more than 25 years. You can follow her creative journey by visiting her online publication and/or subscribing to her weekly email essays.

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