How can Lisa help you unlock and keep an open connection with your creative self? In addition to her degrees in English, Technical Writing, Journalism, Creative Writing, and Nonfiction, Lisa has completed years of research and has the following titles, certificates, and training:


  • A.A. in Liberal Arts, Washington State Community College.
  • B.A. in English Writing, Minor in Journalism, Glenville State University.
  • MFA in Creative Writing, Specialization in Nonfiction, West Virginia Wesleyan College.
  • Creative Writing Residency (3 hours), Winter 2018: West Virginia Wesleyan College MFA Program.
  • Ultimate Travel Writing, Fall 2004: American Writers & Artists Institute, Delray Beach, FL.

Related to Spiritual/Life Coaching:

  • Ordained Minister, American Marriage Ministries / With Gospel Wisdom Church, Dec. 2021.
  • Journaling for Wellbeing, New Skills Academy, June 2022.
  • The Core Concepts of Mindfulness, New Skills Academy, June 2022.
  • Guiding Mindfulness Meditations, Mindfullness Meditation Inc., February 2022.
  • NLP Coach Practitioner Certification, via David Keys, February 2022.
  • Recovery & The 12 Steps, with Russell Brand, February 2022.
  • The Clarity Cure, with Jessica Carver Lindholm of ToLivingFree.com, February 2022.
  • How To Be a Spiritual Beacon, Master Class with Marianne Willamson, January 2022.
  • Guiding Mindfulness Meditations, with Sean Fargo, January 2022.
  • Vision Boards, with Mix Fox of SelfMadeLadies.com, January 2022.
  • 5 Paths To Your Purpose, Masterclass with Martha Beck, January 2022.
  • Intuitive Coaching Skills, with Heather Alice Shea, January 2022.
  • Visionary’s Guide to Empowering Women, with Claire Zammit, January 2022.
  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage, Every Day Health Inc., March 2016.

Related to Online Education:

  • Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education, Outschool.com, February 2020.
  • Protecting Student Privacy (FERPA, COPPA, PPRA), Common Sense Education, February 2021.
  • Increasing Student Engagement Online, Common Sense Education, February 2021.
  • News Literacy and Civic Engagement, Common Sense Education, February 2021.
  • Best Practices in Anti-Bias Education, Outschool.com, February 2021.
  • ReadSquared Platform for Online Learning, February 2021, via the WV Library Commission.
  • Teaching Digital Citizenship, Common Sense Education, February 2021.
  • Online Classroom Management, Outschool.com, January 2021.
  • Student Safety and Privacy, Outschool.com, November 2020.
  • Building Diverse Learning Environments, Common Sense Education, September 2020.
  • Using Improv to Redefine Education, Common Sense Education, July 2020.
  • Using Google Platforms, via the West Virginia Library Commission, August 2020.
  • Creating & Launching Your Online Course, November 2019: Online course by Jeanine Blackwell, strategist, performance analyst, marketing guru, and motivational coach.
  • Blackboard Learn Basic Training, August 2017: Offered by Glenville State College, Facilitated by WVNet.

Certified Courses from WebJunction:

  • Failing in the Right Direction, November 2020. (1 credit hour.)
  • Visual Content: Level Up Your Social Media, April 2020. (1 credit hour.)
  • Reducing Workplace Stress w/ Mindfulness, April 2020. (1 credit hour.)
  • Dealing with Angry People, October 2018. (1 credit hour.)
  • Incubate Creativity, October 2018. (1 credit hour.)
  • Providing Constructive Feedback, October 2018. (1.5 credit hours.)
  • Tactics for Time Management & Organization, October 2018. (1 credit hour.)
  • Foundations of Interpersonal Communication, October 2018. (1 credit hour.)

Courses from the Idaho Commission for Libraries:

  • Evaluating Reference Sources, (2 hours), July 2017.
  • Library Ethics and Public Service, (2 hours), July 2017.

Online Seminars at Poynter News University:

  • Online Media Law: The Basics for Bloggers & Online Publishers, April 2012.
  • Copyright Law & Fair Use for Journalists, February 2012.
  • Ethics of Journalism & Freedom of Information, February 2012.
  • Community Journalism: Strategies for Managing Local Contributors, March 2012.


  • Research Essentials, 2020: via the West Virginia Library Commission
  • Basic Disaster Birth Support Certification, 2013: through the Midwives Alliance of West Virginia.
  • GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Training, January 2014: via the West Virginia Department of Agriculture.