My Weekly Email Essay:

Two-Lane Thoughts for Life and Living

Author Lisa Hayes-Minney

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

I publish a weekly email newsletter that is actually, more like a personal letter. A once-a-week essay on rural life and current times.

My newsletter is informal. It’s my way of keeping friends, family, and fans up to date on my projects, lessons, programs, essays, and published work. My newsletter is my way of saying, “This is what I’ve been thinking about.” Consider me your email pen pal. Many of those who receive my emails do write back. I’d love to connect with you too.

I hate spam, and I make sure your information is kept private and secure. And, I’m not trying to sell you anything. In the future, my podcasts will require paid subscriptions, but the weekly essays will always be free. I hope you will follow along and sign up at the link below.


The link above is the new version of my newsletter, launched in 2022. You can view previous newsletters here.