Appalachian Multihyphenate

Lisa Hayes-Minney, author, writer, publisher.
Photo by David Flores

Lisa Hayes-Minney is an Appalachian writer, artist, and homesteader. She lives with her husband on Memory Lane in rural West Virginia, and the moment she came across the term “multihyphenate” she finally felt acknowledged. In creative industries, there’s an acknowledgment that skills and experiences overlap. Academia and the corporate world have yet to embrace this fact.

Lisa enjoys working with words, paints, plants, paper, printing, and vintage typewriters. She maintains significantly-sized vegetable, flower, and herb gardens, and tends hens, bees, and a homestead. She also processes, freezes, and cans the vegetables and produce from their gardens.

Lisa earned her MFA in Creative Writing from West Virginia Wesleyan College and holds degrees in English, Journalism, and Liberal Arts. She has served as a public librarian, college professor, publisher, editor, copywriter, news reporter, and in various other traditional employment positions.

But she is happiest on the farm, in the gardens, fields, woods, and in her creative studio. A lifelong learner, she continually trains and studies to expand her skills and knowledge. Visit her online studio to browse currently available creations, and her CV to browse her collection of certifications.

A board member of West Virginia Writers, Inc., Lisa volunteers to help promote and encourage literary endeavors in West Virginia. She writes online at Two-Lane Renaissance, (reprinted in The Trader’s Guide), and her written work has also appeared in GreenPrints MagazineMemoir Magazine, DoveTales Magazine, and in two book collections: “Mountains Upon Mountains: New Appalachian Nature Writing,” and “Feminine Rising: Voices of Power & Invisibility.”

You can support Lisa’s work by subscribing to her online publication, Two-Lane Renaissance, and by shopping in her creative studio, Two-Lane Studio, her online bookstore, Two-Lane Books, or her affiliate print shop, Two-Lane Prints.