Lisa holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and has degrees in Liberal Arts, English, and Journalism.  In addition, she has training in Travel Writing, Journal Writing, and Copywriting. For a full overview of her knowledge, experience, and skills, visit her online curriculum vitae.

Lisa custom creates writing, creativity, and spiritual wellbeing workshops in the beautiful central West Virginia region at locations with names such as Heritage Village, Faith Mountain, Heritage Village, and Sanctuary Lane. In-person retreats include workshop sessions, visiting speakers, themed writing prompts, short seminars, and personal critiques.

She now also offers online sessions and workshops via Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Meet. Online sessions include seminars, prompts, writing time, and group critiques. For testimonials and sample workshop options, see below.


I recently attended a Writers Workshop presented by Lisa and was immensely pleased with my decision to attend.  Lisa’s individual critique of one of my pieces was invaluable to me, that day, and moving forward in my writing.  I am looking forward to attending future workshops with her.
                                                                       Elaine Ferry, Big Springs, WV

The workshop I attended with Lisa was very engaging.  It even inspired me because I came away from the workshop with new story ideas to work on in the future.  I plan to attend more of her workshops when they become available. Entertaining, Enlightening, and Engaging.                                                                                                                       Elaine Satterfield, Bridgeport, WV

I would highly recommend workshops coordinated and facilitated by Ms. Minney.  She is down to earth, humorous, and a wealth of knowledge.  If you have the opportunity to attend, by all means, sign up quickly before they fill up!                                                        Holly Knight, Calhoun County, WV

          I attended the Writer’s Workshop conducted by Lisa at Heritage Park and must say it was one of the best workshops I have attended in quite some time. The location, the exercises, and the food were excellent.  I was able to accomplish my goal for the workshop, which was to come away with writings and drafts to take home and continue with my writing.  The workshop was geared to participants of all levels of writing (which was an added bonus) and I know everyone came away with new writing.
      I would not hesitate to attend any workshop conducted by Lisa and in fact, would attend this same workshop again if it were offered.  I have recommended the workshop to numerous writing friends.
                                                            Sherrell Wigal (poet), Parkersburg, WV

Available with three possible themes:

  1. Journaling for Self-Guidance and Spiritual Growth – A journal can be a powerful tool for self-healing and self-guidance. Journals allow you to enter and explore problems as if they are mysteries to be solved.  They allow us to overcome the feeling of powerlessness by writing ourselves into focus and evoking possible solutions.  Problems released and confronted in a journal transform their negative energy into constructive energy that moves you forward in your life.
  2. Journaling to Remember – We are the accumulation of our life’s experiences, but so often, we tend to forget all of our successes, fail to celebrate the struggles and challenges we survive, neglect to honor those who have offered us love and life lessons. Spend time recognizing and writing out the accomplishments and tiny truths of your life.
  3. Journaling for Creative Expression – Creativity depends upon being in touch with your intellectual and emotional processes, upon listening for, valuing, and cultivating what comes from within. The principles of journaling—patience with your own process, faith in your intuition, the search for synthesis—are all essential to original creative activity. Once acquired, these principles expand naturally to all other creative pursuits.

Choose from three different themes:

  1. Change of Seasons – The earth tilts, the sun shifts, and everything changes. The world is transformed by the seasons.  Let us reflect, as Wendell Berry says, on the “circles of the seasons within the circles of the years.”  We can use the seasons around us to help us record changes of our own, within and without.
  2. Runes & Moons – Learn about the earliest letters, created by cultures who believed words and sounds have magical meaning. Follow rune meanings to a wonderful essay, story, or poem.  Then, learn how the phases of the moon can inspire your writing!  Create pieces based on the characters and stories and places of the moon.  Imagine and create your own methods to use ancient letters and the company of the moon to provide regular inspiration in your life.
  3. Writing From the Oracles – Since the dawn of man, humans have consulted oracles for wisdom beyond their own understanding. Let us look to oracles like the tarot, runes and astrology for messages and guidance.  For any oracle is a mirror of our innermost, intuitive selves.  They direct our attention to our innermost truths.