Creativity Coach

Lisa began her study and training as a wellness and creativity coach in 2020. Her time as a professor and as a librarian led her to seek further solutions to offer those seeking personal development and improvement. Working and studying under accomplished coaches and therapists Lisa has added the skills of journaling, meditation, yoga, neurolinguistic practices, psychology, and more to her approach to empowering others.

Because of her own background as a creative, Lisa first embraced the foundation of her writing and coaching after reading Julia Cameron’s creativity classic, “The Artists’ Way.” The concept of creativity and spirituality as interwoven processes integral to each other rang true. Lisa’s experience as a mentor, librarian, and professor helped her expand on this foundational concept.

Lisa connected this concept with The Three Principles first articulated by Sydney Banks, the three parts of the soul as presented by Joyce Meyer. She emphasizes the importance of gratitude, grounding, faith, and empathy as necessary ingredients for personal and creative growth. True wellness is the balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Lisa now works to share these skills and this holistic knowledge with writers, creatives, and those embarked on a spiritual journey. Using her knowledge of writing tools and media production, she now creates retreats, workshops, podcasts, classes, sessions and webinars for reconnecting with your creativity. She also helps you keep this connection open by incorporating holistic personal and universal truths.

Lisa is also available as a creative, intuitive, and/or career coach. Contact her for more information.

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